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Tuesday, November 16

$3 Decorative Spheres

Remember these from yesterday's post...
And these....
Yes that's what they are... Christmas ornaments.  But when I first saw them they reminded me of the silver decorative balls that you have seen all over the place.  Like these from Cb2 andChaisso.  They start out as low as 14.95.
Pretty impressive to me for only a dollar.  They also come in other colors.  But the the larger sizes which looks like they are about 4-6 inches round were only in silver and gold.  Preeeettttyyyy... huh... 

Now the gold one doesn't have anything on it which is great. But the silver ones I found at the Dollar Tree have a snowflake on it.  Nevertheless, after Christmas I'll just sand/wipe that off so I can continue using after the holiday season. 
on the table.. or
the console
Well there you go.. you can pick some of these up to add to your decor.. I did.  I just couldn't leave them.  I also bought the smaller red ones which have 12 in a pack and varys in color.  Some are a shiny red, muted red, and glittered red.  See what I did... the silver and red matches the decor here at the studio.  I Love It!!
So what do you think? Have you found any other Christmas items that can be reused in a different way?

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