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Thursday, April 24

Diy Upholstery Chairs

Today's topic is re-upholstering chairs.  Since I have decided to open a boutique which focuses on home accessories, I've had the pleasure of reupholstering several chairs. I wouldn't say I'm a professional at it, but I do consider myself a Professional Diy'er of Sorts lol.  What I have learned is many of the chairs are made very similar.  Recently, I've published several posts on my blog providing instructions about the subject.  They can be found here and here.  

Although, this post may be long in pictures; the instructions are quite the same.  So I'll try to be brief and refer you back to those post which give more info as well.  Before I continue the purchasing prices of these pieces will not be revealed.  So lets get to it shall we... 

Many of the pieces I sale are hand-made or thrifted and refurbished.  When I came across this particular chair I paused with a little hesitation.because of the lines or curves I should say.  In my opinion it's much easier and less heart ache if a piece has nice clean lines.  Upholstering can be quite difficult when it's time to add the fabric. And it's much easier to manipulate the fabric if the lines in are very clean.  Here's another before...
There were two chairs available and after remembering that I want to do a Paris chair (inspired by Victoria's chair from the tv show Revenge) I bought them both.  
Can you see the resemblance in the two? Here is how it turned out..
The tools used are pictured below. What you don't see is a hammer and my staple gun.  I started out using a hand staple gun. But let me be the first to tell.... Your hands will really thank you if you invest in one that is powered by air. 

Paris Chair After
 The 2nd chair I went with a Tahitian blue which was purchased at a local fabric store.  Isn't it gorgeous.. I promise I can't take my eyes off it.  I've used it several times and it always sells! I promise that it never fails... every time I use it this color the merchandise doesn't stay in the store ONE DAY! And just between you and I it's hard for me to take it.. I always want to keep it!

Ok so I added decorative nail head trim on both chairs as well as tufted the back seat.  The nails are individual and they can be found almost anywhere now even Wal-Mart. Visit the upholstered sofa to see how I used them.  

Here are few pics of what you can expect to see once you have removed all of the old fabric.  The back is usually the easiest to complete and I always do it last.  The back gives you access to the rest of the chair.  You can reach the sides, seat and of course the back.
 On the pic above shows were I just completed the tufting and stapled the sides and seat to the back.  I used upholstery needles and clear thread that resembles fishing wire to thread the tufts. 

The tufts are round diamond shaped buttons which can also be purchased at a craft store.  I no it doesn't look as clear here, but it glam'd the chair up a bit.  Here's another shot..

To cover the back I added nail head trim there as well.  Now there are many ways you can close the back but this method is simpler and cost effective.  Some use strips that look like these as well.
 Below are random pics during the process.. I usually start replacing the fabric with the arms, front bottom, then the back (were the tufts are) and finish up with closing up the back.

As many of my customers know the furniture for sale is previously used and all of the furniture is put through an overhaul of tender loving care and in good functional condition
If you would like to see more of my work visit my Sublime's online store and Etsy shops by clicking on them.

So what do you think?


  1. I fell in love with that print the first time I saw it. It's really giving me a very vintage vibe, which is the perfect look I'm aiming for. I think I'd have to find myself some of those prints and re-upholster my favorite lounge chair in my apartment as well. Haha! Thank you for sharing that wonderful idea! All the best!

    Bob Ward @ Allure Treatments

  2. Your articles help me a lot in all mediums of subjects.



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