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Wednesday, June 22

Laundry Room Makeover

Among all of the rooms in our Tennessee home that was in need of renovation/makeover was the laundry room.
This room was one of the worse because the ceiling had a leak.  On my quest to redo each room with second hand items I was able to purchase all of the material at a salvage yard!  Trust me these prices were better that our local home improvement store.... all day long!!  
The color choice for this space was purchased at our local Habitat for Humanities store called Restore.  This store reminds me alot of a thrift store because all of the items are donated.  I think I fell in love... well I did!!   I visited them everyday for an entire week.  And everyday I walked away with something. 
On this day I purchased several cans of pre-mixed paint.  I found this gorgeous blue and walked away from it several times until the 3rd or 4th visit and finally it made its way home with me.  

Yes this is a work in progress and next I'm going to add shelving to the wall for storage.  
 As well as, flooring...I'm thinking of a stained plywood..Lalala!!
Stay tuned for that!!

What do you think?  Have you visited your local Restore in your area?



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