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Thursday, March 17

Golden Rast!!


Here is another ikea hack for you.  I was inspired by two tables.  one was a brass end table that I found on the internet.  Now that i want to show you how it looks i can't find it.......  therefore, you're just have to imagine with me.. 
Ikea Rast Table $14.99
The inspiration table was made of brass with four legs.  It also had a chain hanging from in the front.

The other table I saw online as well.   several bloggers painted theirs like these:

 left-Lindsay @ penny People design:
right-Lakeitha @ Home of 3 Duncan boys. 

if you want to read about their hacks just click the picture.
So I married the two and got this!!...
The process was very simple and I think the outcome was better than expected since this was my first time I spray painted wood!
1.  Before assembling I primed all of the 4 pieces of wood with Rustoleum primer (inside & out).. (pic 2)
2.  Once it dried I added the gold spray paint.  Let dry.. (pic 3)
3.  Assembled it .. (pic 4)
4.  And finally embellished it with gold chains! I use the hooks that look like an upside down ? (pic 5)  I screwed those down or up on the inside of the table...

Note:  Now I used 2 different kinds of chains just to add a little detail.  And of course it’s up to you if you want to add any at all.  The chains were very inexpensive and I bought them from Home Depot.  They were in the area where you can cut the chains by the foot (they’re on a big roll).  I bought 1ft each.$.88 and $.96 a ft. 
I also want to show you some decorative pillows i made to go with the decor of the space...
So what do you think?  I would love to hear from you!!

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