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Tuesday, November 23

$3 or less Inexspensive Wall Art made from gift bags!

Sorry you guys I've been a little busy with Thanksgiving plans, helping a friend with her wedding and a new project.  If you don't know already, I am an interior designer which I absolutely love love love.....  As well as , an event planner.  So when I don't have alot of projects going at once than I post more frequently.  But I'm back now and I have several things I want to talk about. 

On my last post I talked about the decorative spheres that you can get at the Dollar Tree.  But I also found another way to have decorative art pieces on the wall for cheap! 

Take a look at these designs..   Pretty Huh!! That's what I thought..

The Dollar Tree that I went to here in Atlanta had them in green, gold, silver, black, blue and red.  Now don't laugh but they are actually gift bags...  Yep that's what I said gift bags!!!  So I figured they would make a great inexpensive art piece.  Let's take a look of some that I found online.


To make these work you would need:
Gift Bags
Frame or Matte Board
Glue or Tape
Hanging device (velcro, doubleside tape, nails)

Some other items you could use as a frame would be:
Foam Core
Poster Board
Now if you use those items it would make the art more interesting.. what do you think about that?
1.  Cut gift bag to desired length.

2.  If using foam core, poster board or matte board cut a square opening a little smaller than the gift bag cutout (this will help in step 3).
3.  Glue or tape the gift bag onto the back of your choice of frame.
4.  Attach on wall (you can use a nail, velcro, double sided tape)--I used double side tape.
...This project is very easy and inexpensive... Seee
So tell me...What do you think?
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