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Monday, June 27

Save a Buck Series Part 9

With Interior Designer/Blogger Erika Ward of Erika Ward Interiors and blog Blu Label Bungalow.

Erika is another one of my newest blog buddies.  She is doing great things here in the Atlanta area and is always on the go.  Erika and I first met at the Nicholas House Makeover.  She is one of the two founding members and they have started this year off with a bang.

Now lets take a look at some of her designs...

Erika has some great talent and a beautiful spirit.  However, with her career, husband and kids keeping her going full steam ahead saving money is also on the top of her busy list.  Here is what she had to say...

April:  What is most important to you when it comes to saving?  
Erika:  When it comes to saving the most import thing for me is to know I got a great deal.  I hate it when I purchase something only to see it somewhere else cheaper.   

April:  What do you do to save?
Erika:  I scout various stores (both retail and online) for the item looking for the best price. I am also known to wait for a sale before I purchase the piece. If it something I love at first sight, I buy it then regardless of price.  

April:  When was the last time you received an awesome deal and how did it make you feel?
Erika:  The last time I received an awesome deal, I felt like I had stole something. Seriously, for a second I thought someone made a mistake in pricing the item, but turned out that I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

April:  What tips can you give on saving?
Erika:  If you are shopping for a retail item, keep watching it to see if it goes on sale. There is some risk involved with this piece of advice. The item you desire may be purchased by someone else who is not on a budget, so it’s also important to see if the item is available online. Always ask salespeople the dates of the upcoming sales and promotions. If all else fails, ask if the floor model can be discounted.  
Now that's some great advise I often do that myself!  

Thanks Erika for giving us a few more wise tips when it comes to saving a buck!  If you want more of Erika Ward you can find her @


  1. Thank you April for including me in your Save A Buck series! I hope our readers will benefit from everyone's contribution! Happy Saving!

  2. You are more than Welcome Erika! I appreciate you taking the time to share your tips with us. Thanks again So much!

  3. Love Erika and love the idea of the series!!!!

  4. Thanks Courtney you're a sweetheart!!

  5. If anybody knows how to save a buck it's you April! Thanks for the tips! I'm a big online shopper maybe another part of your series can be online bargaining!! I know you got ideas! :)



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