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Friday, June 17

Save a Buck Series Part 6

With Rashon Carroway Lifestyle Blogger aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Today we are talking with Rashon to get an inside scoop of how he saves in Part 6 of "How to Save a Buck Series."

I've had the opportunity to tweet, email and speak with Rashon on several different occasions.  During one of our conversations I had the pleasure of asking him several questions on how he saves a Buck!  

Before we get started take a look at some of his amazing makeovers..

And of course my favorite....
....and Viola!

Outside of his creative mind and thrifted finds he had this to say:

April:  What is most important to you when it comes to saving?  
Rashon:  Nothing is really important to me when saving. A penny saved is a penny earned.

April:  When was the last time you received an awesome deal and how did it make you feel.

Rashon:  Ummm my last awesome deal...was a shirt I bought from GW on Mother's Day with my mom. I was in the wrong department because it was a bit bright. However, mom approved so I bought it!!

April:  What tips can you give on saving?
Rashon:  I have two tips.
Tip #1. Save whenever and where ever you can. Every little bit helps.

Tip #2. If you have a goal in mind work towards that goal. It allows you to be focused and reach a mark.

April:  Any additional information you want to provide?

Rashon:  Although I am an advid thrifter I dont buy as much anymore. My goal was to furnish my condo. Thats done. So unless I sell something I dont need much more. 

Now I am helping others save and thrift to save even more.

Thanks so much for talking with us today Rashon!  For more of Mr. Goodwill Hunting find him here:

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